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Provided that the property is within ALPINA Schneedienst GmbH's area of operation, we will prepare a cost-free quote at short notice for providing snow removal and de-icing services.

Customer (owner, property manager or agent, as applicable) 
Owner's first name, last name*:
Manager or representative*:
Property details:  
Name of street*:
Postal code*:
Relevant areas of the property:  
Public sidewalks/footpaths:  yes              no  
Residential/Commercial entrances (number):
Inside paths (meters):
Access roads to parking spaces:   yes               no 
Access roads to pay phone boxes (number):
Access roads to mailboxes (number):
Access roads to roadside emergency telephone (number):
Access roads to parking meters (number):
Fire hydrants (number if known):
Other details:   
Contact person on property:
Are keys required?   yes              no  
Contact: by e-mail   by phone

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